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Bunion Removal

What is bunion surgery?
Bunion surgery is the procedure to remove the bone of the big toe and foot. 

Why do you need to remove your bunion?
Some people suffer from extra large bunions on their foot.  If this does not cause you any foot pain, then bunion removal is not unnecessary.  However, many people suffer foot pain when wearing shoes caused by the big bunion, especially women.  Sometimes wide shoes just don't work and are too hard to find.

How is the bunion removed?
Removing the bunion on your foot requires surgery where they must cut your bone or repair the tissues on your foot.  Bunion surgery must reconstruct your big toe bone and may require screws and plates to be placed in the bone during recovery.  This surgical procedure is mostly an outpatient procedure and you will be able to recover at home.

Will my life be affected in any way after bunion surgery?
Most people recover fully from the surgery, but like any surgery, there are risks.  Most likely, you will have a better pain free foot and live your life normally after recovery.

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